After attending your ex’s work event did you get back together?

December 28, 2010

I have talked to more people who have gotten back together after volunteering to be their ex’s date at a work function.  I enjoyed interviewing Ken for  Cherries Over Quicksand, I think he may have opened up a great way for other seperated couples to show they want to be there for each other… maybe forever …even after they had both dampened the spark for months on a daily basis; like when it rains on the tiki torches, the lights go out… so then, how can they move the party inside?  I’ll share part of his interview here:

“So you are both happy now that you are apart?” I asked, as he reflected on their marriage, like an artist not finished with a portrait.

            “I’m not,” Ken answered quickly, morphing into the posture of a love-struck pre-teen.  He said that he tries to hang around her while visiting the baby but she always has plans, so she lets him have quality time with their son, by himself.  Ken said he wants the three of them back together again.

            “So, what are your plans?” I asked.

             “I think I have already made a dent,” he said, with that kind of stare gamblers get when they watch their horse gain the lead in the race. 

            He said Regina needed a date for a company function and had asked him if he’d like to accompany her.  He had jumped at the chance to prove himself to her again.  Ken said he behaved like the perfect gentleman and had turned on the charm.  Later, Regina told him that her co-workers had enjoyed his jokes and even said he had a great personality. 

            “That whole day was a cool experience,” Ken said, nodding his head to an imaginary crowd.  The delight in his eyes revealed a man that was not telling his entire happy story.  Maybe they had an after party…No! I didn’t ask!

            I did ask Ken if he thought it would be worth doing his own laundry to get her back. 

           “Yes Ma’am!” was his answer.

So many stories of exhausted new parents trying to keep their romance alive but giving up… hope this story can help new moms and dads look forward to the candlelight at the end of the tunnel… maybe tonight! ;D


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