July 18, 2011


Rhonda Ricardo offers refreshing insight into relationships.” — Tammy Minn, Asst. Editor, Inland Empire Magazine

“Every woman who is married, about to be married, or just beginning the journey of a new relationship should read Cherries Over Quicksand. Rhonda Ricardo, in her extensive research and through her ability to encourage men to reveal their truest selves, has unlocked the secrets to their hearts, their brains, and their souls. Written with humor and heart, it is the perfect prescription for creating (or repairing!) a relationship that lasts. — I gave this book as a gift to my daughter. I think every woman can benefit from your insider track to what a man thinks! Seriously, it should go along with the marriage license.”

-Sandy Peckinpah, Red Hot Ventures, Inc., Author of Passion By Design and Radio Show Host

Like the line from the movie “You had me at hello,” Rhonda Ricardo’s Cherries Over Quicksand was a title that immediately caught my attention. Once I had the opportunity to research the book for an interview with Rhonda, said attention tuned to captivation as her humorous yet wistfully thoughtful prose delicately peeled back what I can only refer to as the complexity of the relationship between men and women. This is a must read book for anyone in a relationship, coming out of a relationship or just dreaming about a relationship.”
-Jon Hansen, Host PI Window on Business Show and Author of What Are You Waiting For? (So Act Already!)

Rhonda Ricardo – Wow! Witty, insightful and caring, Rhonda brings great humor, heart and compassion to her work. Her fascinating book, “Cherries Over Quicksand”, brought tears to my eyes and laughter to my lips. I highly recommend it! …Inspiring and extremely funny, Rhonda was a delightful guest on our radio show “Passion by Design, Designing & Living a Life of Passion”. She truly lives her life with passion and exemplifies all that we stand for. She’s a great interview!

-Paula McChesney, CEO & Founder, Passion by Design and McChesney Design Studio, Inc., Author and Radio Show Host

“Cherries over Quicksand: Thought provoking, insightful, and funny. What a great way to let everyone discover the truth about relationships. Thank you Rhonda for a useful tool for teaching relationship responsibility”. -Sue Rebar Executive Director Welcome Home Troops

“Jesus in the Bible, He told parables, told stories and the way you told your stories I felt like I was living them and I could come up with my own conclusions and you didn’t say, ‘This is right, this is wrong, this is the way you’re supposed to do it’, you just gave the stories and it was very exciting. I’m very proud of you” -Shirley W. Mitchell, Celebrity Radio Talk Radio Host of the Syndicated Radio Shows and Author of 10 Books

CHERRIES OVER QUICKSAND — ROMANCE SECRETS, LAUGHTER, WIT & TIMELY TALES TO PARADISE is available at Barnes and Noble,,, Borders, Books On Board,,, and many other popular book sites and book stores.

Contact Author, Rhonda Ricardo at

When I can’t get my teenage granddaughter to understand how she is being preceived by men I would feel very comfortable letting her read a few of the stories in this book so she can hear it straight from a man’s point of view. Feminine confidence is attractive! -Joan

I have tried just a few of these suggestions and see how my man really does want to cherish me. He is so much happier and so am I. Now I remember why he cherished me to begin with so many years ago. And it’s fun to try out the men’s suggestions in the book and see how easily they work! -Paula

When I read this book I related to the stories especially one in particular that really hit the nail on the head! I connected with the character and used the outcome of that story in my own life to open our eyes before we had to go through what they went through, because we were headed in the wrong direction too! I’m glad we have these stories that we can always go back to if things get shakey again. -Natalie


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