Cherries Over Quicksand by Rhonda Ricardo Does soft skin = more romance? In theme with my love for Cherry romance writing, Jergens Cherry-Almond Skin moisturizer is in almost every room in the house.  It’s a yummy-scented refreshment for everything… even the bottom of my feet! Really! Awwww! Thank you all for the compliments friends!  I’m not saying I live for them but… when a pop up message on FB says… Good morning pretty lady… I do a little dance…  Hey, when your kids are taller than you… but you’re getting more compliments than when you were in your Madonna Material Girl fashion days… friends compliments can inspire some pretty risky dance moves… I wish I could post them here and give you a giggle but you can imagine if you’ve checked out my gypsy dancing fb photos from my daughter’s wedding… Ah!! … I especially like the … Which one is the daughter? question… not that I believe they don’t know, being a former waitress, I know how to double a tip too! JK!  LOL!!  ;D
But seriously, the kind of soft skin that leaves a lasting memory can inspire more romance in so many ways… ways (not products) that will be listed in my new Cherries Over Quicksand book to further inspire more romance in relationships, especially marriages… to keep couples and families strong, together and happy for decades… and life much more fun and exciting!  So many soft skin products are not affordable but Jergens Cherry-Almond Skin moisturizer is very affordable, I love it  and have used it for over 10 years.  Keep a touch of romance in everything you do…  maybe I’ll help you with more little suggestions and secrets… Your compliments will let me know what kind of tips you want… I’m just sayin’.  Smile.

With Cherry-Almond hydrators, this lotion instantly adds 60% more moisture to your skin for 24-hour softness.