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Gosh, maybe I shouldn’t be toot-tooting online, hee hee!  But if you’re on LinkedIn we may have already spoken, messaged or I may have spoken at one of your events so we’re already friends. Ah! If we have talked about the Authoring processes on the phone, you’ve probably started writing and have already shared a few of your fabulous pages with me… always exciting! I can’t wait to read your published books!

We should also talked about publishing… New authors do not have to wait until large publishing houses stop sending those annoying rejection letters. (It’s kind of fun to compare these letters with other writers) Now we can self publish to get our books in the hands of readers and keep submitting our books to the large publishing houses at the same time… if you really want to, but that’s up to you! You may be happy with your book sales and percentage of royalties with all the different publishing options out there now.

Some people have AMAZING stories to tell but don’t really like to write. If that’s where you are, there are ghostwriting services out there for you to investigate! I am a ghostwriter so I’ll describe how I ghostwrite and maybe my description can help you, with questions you ask, while choosing your Ghostwriter, AKA: Secret Writing Partner.

As a ghostwriter, I write your story in book-form but you are the Author… it’s your life story or your idea/how-to book with your name and intriguing title on the cover. Since just lately it has become mysteriously “prestigious” to say, “I’m writing my book with a ghostwriter.” …your Authoring experience creates an even more fascinating legacy.


~ I write in-depth magazine stories about remarkable people with interesting beginnings and motivating paths to success.

~ I traveled the world researching thought-provoking, endearing and humorous stories for my relationship/romance book “Cherries Over Quicksand”.

~ My Barnes and Noble book tours with Author photo announcements on their on their company website and posters at their stores opened doors for keynote speaker presentations and appearances on television and radio.

~ I write screenplays, including a new (drama/comedy) television miniseries.

~ I have enjoyed interviewing inspiring leaders for my Sunday newspaper column since 2007, for The Californian/The North County Times (acquired by The San Diego Union-Tribune) and continue to write Special to The San Diego Union-Tribune.

~ I co-host the YouTube T.V. show “Love Bites” and the “5-Alive” blog-talk radio show.


~ I help write the Author’s manuscript/book in the Author’s voice.

~ Books are the new calling-card but far more interesting. We will talk about how your book will represent you and your inspired message.

~ My book genera’s include: Fiction, non-fiction, business, self-help, how-to, humor, romance, biographies and inspirational books.

~ I offer complimentary telephone consultations to Authors in need of a ghostwriter. You can message me here or email me at rhondaricardo@hotmail.com to schedule a consultation. If our schedules work… maybe I’ll be writing with you!

and lastly…

~ I believe the writing process should be an enjoyable experience.

I hope my little blog post helps you decide to pick up that pen and WRITE… or get your fingers moving on your keyboard… or talking to your ghostwriter… and bring that book to life because I want to read it!

Here’s to holding your first book in your hands!

Great Wishes and Blessings,

Rhonda Ricardo