Sometimes we see titles that make us say; Hmmm?  Then we smile, frown, laugh or look inquisitive, confused, pleased or astounded depending on what is going on in our lives at the time.  The article at the link below is filled with diverse types of expert contributions with at least one (but maybe over four) pieces of wisdom that might surprise you as you instinctively nod your head in agreement.

5 Signs You Are Too Good For Your Significant Other, by Cristina Lupo for has insights for people of all ages.  When Cristina Lupo asked for my Cherries Over Quicksand input for her article I contributed fresh and fun research on the subject from some very entertaining people!  I hope you get a boost and a chuckle from this article while your relationship choices remain strong, enjoyable and energizing.  Great relationships lend to shared excitement for forging all your successes to great destinations without unnecessary roadblocks. Beep beep!

Drive toward your dreams with the top down and the wind in your hair… then pull over for a quick read about how to continue to smile without getting relationship pests in your beautiful teeth here: