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Yes, I would like to have dinner with a fellow writer of books, news, columns, script writer or writer-to-be to talk about writing, publishing or about the love and romance stories in my books or whatever we want to discuss!   I’ll talk about meeting for dinner below, I hope you join in!

My sdnews.com article about community heroes has some fun references to the Marvel Superhero Doctor Strange and J.K. Rowling’s, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” within the story that I hope you will enjoy.  Here’s a picture of me (below) out reporting, (In case you’re thinking… “What is she talking about already? Okay, there’s Rhonda with her reporting pen, go on…”)  I’m with one of the groups of people ready to help hand out the over 15,000 invitations to the San Diego Rescue Mission dinner that includes free rehabilitation and free living quarters program offers extended and explained at the SDRM dinner.

The day is about dignity so there will not be any photos of people living on the streets. This photo shows a tiny homeless camp where we left invitations at their tents where they slept.  We also visited and handed out invitations with appropriate Christmas spirit for each greeting in much larger camps teeming with people living on the streets, sidewalks, dirt lots and parking lots throughout the city.


Many men, women and children throughout the U.S., who have lost everything, travel to San Diego to live on the streets because of the weather. Their unhygienic (softest word I could find) living conditions were horrific on the sunny day of this picture taken last weekend, people were already struggling, then it poured cold rained just days later.

But good news!  Many people don’t know about the types of amazing help offered by the SDRM; experts in helping the homeless since 1955, and taking on each intricate responsibility takes expert experience.  We might be able to reach more people in need, someone that knows people in immediate need of the SDRM’s programs or someone that might want to volunteer, donate or help with the educational programs through the contact information included the sdnews.com story below.  If you would like to share the link to the story (below) or this post on your Facebook, social media or share with your friends please do!  My heroes!

Now, I’m really looking forward to my dinner out with someone that shares the same passions…

On my Rhonda Ricardo FB page I offer a dinner (to a man or a woman) to talk about writing or whatever we want, to the person with the most FB shares of the sdnews.com link below (explained my FB post with picture of the Christmas Trees, please check it out) … but you don’t have to have dinner with me if you share the story link the most, I know you share (or already shared) the story out of the goodness of your hearts… although dinner with a writing theme could be fun or at least delicious, so please let me know if you’re sharing!  ;D

Also, if you meet someone in immediate need please steer him or her to this sdnews.com story link:

http://www.sdnews.com/SDRM/community heroes

or (same article/story)


Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Rhonda Ricardo


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Cover story for Citiview

April 21, 2010

4/20/2010… Just received a copy of Central Iowa’s Newsweekly City View Magazine with the Cherries Over Quicksand as the cover story!  It is fabulous!!  Thank you writer Matt Miller!  See the online version here.

4/20/2010… Had a blast today on the Southern California Life KZSW and KVMD TV show with beautiful host Allie Myers talking about Cherries Over QuicksandNews Net is Dedicated to Providing Local, Regional & National News Pertinent to the Inland Empire and Southern California.

4/10/2010… Covering the Red Carpet Event Fashion Show & Luncheon presented by the Assistance League of Temecula Valley at Wilson Creek Winery in Temecula for The Californian/North County Times Social Scene.  The event will benefit Operation School Bell for underprivileged children in need of school clothes, Kids on the Block , Project Smile helping children in need with dental care; HOPE services for victims of domestic violence and more!  To read the published article about this event, click here.

4/11/2010… Just talked to Deniece Barnes about my upcoming interview with her later today at 3:00 PST on www.wvol1470.com about Cherries Over Quicksand…she said she’s loving the book!  Can’t wait to be on her radio show!

Daniel Guiterrez Show

April 19, 2010

4-1-2010… I just had a great one hour interview live on the radio (and internet) on the Daniel Guiterrez Show… he was so fun! He always posts great tips and topics on his twitter page.

The first time he said the “L” word we were at a restraunt with a glass of wine in our hands and candlelight on the table…I was not sure if the wine was talking at first, but he convinced me he meant it with his face when I did not say it back…right away:).   It took me a few minutes to believe what I heard! The first time he said the “L” word we were at a restraunt with a glass of wine in our hands and candlelight on the table…I was not sure if the wine was talking at first but he convinced me he meant it with his face when I did not say it back…right away:).  It took me a few minutes to believe what I heard! Looking for other “first I-love-you’s” for my book and magazine articles.  Give us your comments!

Le Manuscript is Here…

December 27, 2009

After three years of talking to interesting, handsome, witty and funny men about relationships my book is finally done! It was fun writing CHERRIES OVER QUICKSAND and now I can’t wait to hear from the readers! My first questions to the readers is: Where were you the first time your guy told you he loves you? Did you pretend to snore in the movies or did you say it back because it was perfect timing? Were you surprised? Any advice on the perfect timing or the wrong timing for saying it back? Comment with your answers… you could just end up in my next book!