Speaking to the troops 1

I love speaking to the troops and their spouses about keeping families together by taking care to guard each other’s hearts and having that loving bond that lets their deployed husband or wife know that they are cherished at home… and I love giving away Cherries Over Quicksand books for the best “Hoorah!” yell.  We have fun!  (This is one of my favorite pictures with Welcome Home Troops and some amazing soldiers volunteering for the day, at an event at Lake Elsinore.)

I’ll never forget another event, when I spoke at a Camp Pendleton on the beach and we (me and the two lady comedians) found out that we had to walk about a quarter-mile in the sand to get to the stage.  I was wearing a cute skirt and Betty Grable high heals.  Instead of approaching the watchful crowd with the usual light dance in my step… my feet and shoes kept disappearing into the soft sand.  The three of us ladies couldn’t help but giggle at how we must have looked to the crowd as we struggled to the stage, smiling like nothing was wrong.



When we finally made it to the stage, a soldier took my hand with caring concern, then said in a charming but loud southern drawl, “We didn’t know if you were going to make it Mam!”

All four of us were laughing now, as he helped us pull ourselves onto the stage, then the audience joined in our laughter.  Our unplanned hilarious approach had set the stage for a fabulous day.

That afternoon we were lucky enough to experience one of those surprise crazy life moments that made a u-turn… right into a blessing.

I wonder what would have happened if we had just laid down in the sand… maybe they would have sent the rescue team to get us?   Ah!

We decided that Embarrassing is Good right? lol!!

I would like to thank our troops, on this Memorial Day, for their service and caring hearts.

God bless you-all!