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The moose in the middle of the stage became the charmingly kissable prop for some of the seven comedians as each told their completely-off-the-wall, HILARIOUS (real-life?), WILD stories for the packed room at The La Habra Moose Lodge on Tuesday, September 9th in support of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital fundraiser hosted by Chili’s Grill & Bar of La Habra, California.

Days before, when a beautiful stand-up comedian in a red dress, Brigitte Beetle (from Chili’s), made calls to her big-hearted comedy associates from San Diego to Hollywood to entertain the crowd and raise funds for the children of St. Jude’s… they all chimed “YES!”…then appeared magically like (the Looney Tunes’) Pepé Le Pew for Penelope Pussycat… bringing giggles, laughter and cheers to the La Habra Moose Lodge.

Seriously (for just a minute), the comedians…

SJCH 063 Ryan Talmo

SJCH 182 Mark Gonzalez

SJCH 067   Phil Gould

SJCH 080  Greg Kashmanian

SJCH 089  Danielle Soto

SJCH 231 Rudy DeAnda

BrigitteBrigitte Beetle

…all put their schedules aside and made the long drive that warm evening, and all said they “were happy to be there” and “love to work fundraisers” and “where’s my beer?”… okay they all didn’t say that last one but “Cheers!” was heard with each donation.

Master of Ceremonies Brigitte Beetle welcomed everyone then proceeded to wow the crowd (including her mom Diana, her boyfriend Brad) with her rendition of a “hilarious day with Brigitte Beetle” bringing roars of laughter from the crowd then she introduced the talented comedians to the stage, each with their own amazing brands of muy caliente HILARITY! A fabulous time was had by all!

SJCH 263 Diana, Brigitte and Brad

SJCH 210Brigitte

SJCH 130bKaili and Kelly

So how do you raise money with a room full of comedians? Find talented big-hearted comedians (some from television!), fill the room with giving people, give the money raised to a worthy cause and put a moose in the middle of the stage! Or maybe it would be best ask Brigitte… she organize the event that raised the funds for the children that night.  Yes, the best way to raise money with a room full of comedians is to find an expert with a heart for raising money… Brigitte’s been a stand up comedian for years that loves the children so the evening was a success.   There are experts of ALL kinds out there that would love to help you with your fundraiser.  I cover fundraiser’s for the newspapers so I know that it takes a talented expert with a passion for the cause. So what kind of fundraiser are you planning?  Message me or comment here, I may be able to point you to the expert you need!

A fabulous Chili’s manager, Gail Diebel was there to accept the donations for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and said people (you-all), are welcome to visit Chili’s Grill and Bar, 1600 W. Imperial Hwy, La Habra, California to donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital until September 22nd. If you ask for Brigitte, be ready for an unexpected chuckle, her humor lights up the room… I know because she’s dating my son. Do I hear wedding bells? Hehee!! Ding, ding!  Poo, it’s just my microwave. ;D

Congratulations to everyone that participated, gave, performed and made us hoot and holler!

Cheers again!

Rhonda Ricardo

…with my future daughter-in-law?  Stay tuned!

St. Jude Children's Hospital 301

Me and Brigitte


Does it seem like… when one person in a group has jealousy issues and spying drama in their relationship the Green-Eyed Monster suspicions spread to surrounding couples like Vampires claiming more company? Jealousy is exhausting for the couple and all their friends listening to the stories, we hope this episode of Love Bites helps chase the monsters away to never bother happy loving couples again.

Everyone deserves trust, caring, mutual desires, gratitude and love in their romantic relationship. The list we share on this show for easily staying on the path to a non-jealous relationship is both comforting and sometimes embarrassing but I bet you all agree with the list after you listen to the show! I would love to read your comments. ;D

Extra: Please let us know what you think of the opening song “Energy” by Fire Tiger and their music video with singer Tiffany Alkouri at the end of the show… that lady has Energy! ;D

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Is there a difference between him meeting HER parents and him wanting her to meet HIS parents? Will the parents compare you to the surgeon, bronco riding, astronaut, broadway musical star he or she brought home the last time? Ah! LOL!! ;DImage This is a fun show segment for anyone thinking about taking the relationship to the next level …toward possible marriage, family, kids… the pure joy of committing to the lifelong wild ride of romance with the right person! Does he like traveling and great foods? Does she like fast cars, great literature and giant cows? JK! LOL!! So, what hints have we learned about getting to the point of meeting each others families?… There are 5 full minutes of fun and sometimes hilarious hints shared here in this show segment… the rest along with real-life stories are in the next Cherries Over Quicksand… cool people in this chapter! ;D